Google TV - Does Sony patent give us a view on how viewers could interact with their tv's?

written by: Paul Johnson

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altSo we still do not know what the 'Smart TV' partners are going to announce tomorrow at Google I/O, however the guys over at NewTeeVee have done some digging and have come across a pretty interesting Patent application made by Sony - one of the partners involved with Google and Intel.

Heres a snippet:

“(A) user may create a Cliff note version of the recent Super Bowl game footage to tailor such footage… For example, one user may tailor the footage so that only the “snaps” for the entire game are included within the Cliff note version. In this way, the user can view the entire series of plays within the game without all the extraneous material unrelated to such plays. Thereafter, other users can access this version or Cliff note of the media and amend it to their needs or desires.” 

altSo what does this mean, and does this actually give an idea on what Google TV can enable and what Intel CEO Paul Otellini believes will create a “Smart TV” platform which will “... be the biggest single change in television since it went colour”?

Most certainly not something we will see tomorrow, for the fact that it was Sony's Gaming division that filed the Patent, which in itself it interesting...a games console getting into video social TV apps...Hmmm

Hot off the toes of the last post Google post Google TV - To be Announced this Week at Google’s I/O conference we already know that research is coming out with stats like this seventy per cent of sports fans and 55% of drama viewers said they want to interact with TV and this 60 Percent of Consumers Want Internet-Connected TV.

So if people want to interact with their TVs, it begs the question how?

The Patent filing from Sony is one such application that on the face of it, could become hugely popular with users to engage with their favorite linear broadcast, catchup and video on demand content...

In essence, the patent filing will let users add 'In/Out Marks' and 'Overlays' to the timeline of any content they are watching, and the application will store this and compile a sequence on request, a clip based upon the users marks and overlays.  The user can then keep this for themselves and access it across their devices, or share it with friends and family via facebook and twitter.

If you think about websites such as, which lets users create playlists and channels of web content that they can then share, this Patent would be a natural evolution on this, in that it would let users share bits of content, which could then make anyone an editor with the tools to create their very own 'Directors Cuts' of their favorite content.

More than this, If the application lets users add 'Marks' and 'Overlays' to a timeline of any piece of content, then think about what sort of 'Overlays' could be added by users…links to contextual and complimentary content that relates to that part of the content e.g. the fan page or the bio of the Quarterback in the American football example above.  Broadcasters themselves could include links to addition content, retailers could add links to enable users to buy that dress she is wearing in that film, tourist boards could add links to addition info on the location the actors are in at that point in time in the film…the list goes on, and could have huge implications on everything from Content Production, Rights, Discovery, Recommendations and tCommerce.

Although I do not believe we will see this announced tomorrow, it does give an view on how we might be able to "Interact with our TVs", and would have massive implications for how we might choose to watch tv in the future, share our comments and best bits with everyone else….

"…biggest single change in television since it went colour…"?

I dont think so, but a piece of a much bigger puzzle that will start to unfold tomorrow.

What do you think?

You can read the views from NewTeeVee here Sony Smart TV?

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