Apple's iTV to come in September. Will this set off the TV app market?

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Apple iTVKevin Rose reported on his blog that Apple will announce iTV in September.
He further said he heard rumors that it will run Apple iOS and will cost around $99.

His bold statement that the iTV "will change everything" remains to be seen, but the abilities below are promosing:
*iOS TV Applications
*A la carte (app) stations
*MobileMe Picture/Video sharing
*The iPad will turn into one big badass remote control

Especially the first and last opportunity are of interest to me.

With an iPhone/iPad kind of marketplace, will this set off the TV app market? Is this the event we've been waiting for to accelerate the development and usage of TV applications?
Apple has proven it can do it, look at the especially the the iPhone store.

Other pricings are also in favor of a potential high usage amongst users.
The device itself for a mere $99 dollar, and as mentioned in this article, Apple could offer streaming rental eposides at only 99 cents.

The second is interesting because Apple would kill two birds with one stone.
First it can accelerate adoption of the iPad, which is a smart move to say the least from a product point of view, providing it a multitude of purposes.

More interesting is the potential remote control device the iPad can be.
The remote control is a key question that needs to be answered in order to achieve a qualitative and natural more interactive/lean-in television experience.
Is the iPad/tablet the ultimate remote device the industry is looking for?

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, an all-changing device might be an overstatement, what it surely will do is getting people excited about the idea of having a TV as some sort of computer.

Does Apple have the right ingredients for a new TV era?


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