Apple TV apps on their way, completing the Apple apps ecosystem?

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AppleMany sources have wrote about the discovery of the 8 GB of Flash storage on the freshly shipped Apple TV.
iFixit discovered this after a tear-down yesterday.

8 GB is in terms of storage too low to store content, this is also not the purpose of Apple TV, which in essence is a streaming device.

So what could it be used for?
Indeed, TV Apps.
TV applications could potentially also go beyond the abilities of present iPhone and iPad applications, due to the size of most mobile device apps.

From the software point of view, Engadget reports:

The Shatter exploit that was discovered for iOS 4.1 devices has, predictably enough, been found to function on the latest Apple TV as well. Though a jailbreak fit for distribution is still brewing for all of Apple's iOS wares, this will be welcome news to folks interested in trying to add a little extra functionality to Apple's hockey puck of a media streamer. Then again, even the best of apps might not make up for it being a 720p media device in a 1080p world.

If this will be correct, an integral ecosystem of apps that (could) function on multiple devices or transfer data from device to device (AirPlay) via apps is an interesting thought.

Because even if Apple's ecosystem is a closed one (in opposite to Android), if the target audience of Apple can use all the major and often used devices, run apps on the, consume content and so forth, what does the Apple fan wants more?

The many downsides of a closed system are often mentioned in favor of the open system of Android, but the power of the Apple brand will make up some of this for it's holistic ecosystem of hardware and software.


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