Youtube to Collaborate With YellowBird — Breakthrough for Developers Of 360º Video Technology

written by: Richard Kastelein

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Internet video platform YouTube has approved collaboration with the young Dutch company yellowBird and is going to use the pioneering 360º video technology that yellowBird has developed over the past few years by allowing the companies' special Flash video player on the Google owned website in a special campaign for the Doritos Brand — featuring a 360º music video of the British rapper Professor Green — which can be seen at Youtube here.

This technology produces moving images on the principle of the Google Streetview camera and is ideal to record events and shoot films and commercials, for instance. Viewers are free to decide which camera angle they want to view or where they want to zoom in. It allows them to experience a film as if they are actually in it. For transmedia producers, this is a brilliant channel to carry the narrative in unique directions, using fresh technology. And for brands, it's a no-brainer, this is viral ready.

"The experience is even more intense than 3D, the latest craze which was used in Avatar", explained Rafaël Redczus, yellowBird co-founder.

Great demand

With the technology being in such great demand, YouTube is delighted to support it, cofounder Marc Groothelm told

"We first talked with YouTube some eighteen months ago. In view of the general call for support of our technology, YouTube reacted positively and had our video playing software embedded in their website for a huge advertising campaign."

Groothelm added that he realises the cooperation with Google has been an exceptional opportunity — and — indeed YouTube is so immensely popular that it can opt to do business with only the most interesting and unique parties.

"The fact that YouTube has allowed another proprietary video player on its channel is truly unique and an achievement to be celebrated." said Groothelm.

Great response


YouTube's decision to allow Yellowbird's 360 degree video integration on the Youtube platform seems to have proven a good decision, for within just a few days, ratings indicated a worldwide top three position for the YouTube channel that showed the first-ever music video produced with 360º video technology, a clip of the British rapper Professor Green.

Visitors of the channel responded to the new technology with great enthusiasm:

"Completely amazed," "Phenomenal stuff," "The maddest thing I've ever seen, woooooooo."


Since demand for the new technology considerably exceeds capacity, yellowBird is talking with several venture capital investors to help finance the company's growth with a series of financial injections. Click here to contact Yellowbird.

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