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Quick thoughts on the Boxee Box from the launch party

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BoxeeI really want this box to be great. Yes that is emotion over logic but I’m voting for the underdog to carve a chunk out of this huge living room market.

Can they do it?

-Box looks really cool and for all that I can see it’s put together right with the correct  stuff. I loved that I can plug in a hard drive full of my own content in any format and stream that to the big screen. Can’t on the Apple TV.

-Remote may be the closest to perfect yet.

-Interface, basic socializations through friends’s list, queue of ‘to-be-watched’ all look fun and right on.

-They get films and their Vudu presentation is cool. Bunch of music stuff as well that I didn’t know that I’m already interested in trying.

-It’s not done yet though. Browser design is still Beta looking to me and the big two of Hulu and Netflix are coming by end of the year.

-The positioning of this box for the generation that doesn’t have cable today is I think quite brilliant. It’s an underpromise point of view and a wise one that may play to their real strengths.

Simplicity of setup and ease of use may make this a crossover product.

-Distribution in over 30 countries is no trivial accomplishment and they have that nailed.


I’m waiting for my box to arrive. I’m ready to play around.

Party was fun and the t-shirts as always, cool.

This article was originally published on SnapShots, Arnold Waldstein's notepad of ideas and images.

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