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Peter Redford
Peter Redford

Peter Redford is a veteran Silicon Valley technology CEO and Xerox PARC alumni. He has deep knowledge and experience in Internet television, the 2nd screen, VOD, advertising and IP licensing. Redford’s patents are licensed by most of the world’s biggest computer and media companies (including Sony, Intel, Microsoft, Samsung, Mattel and many others).

As the inventor of the 2nd screen concept and the technology behind it (in 1993), Redford is often referred to as the “Father of the 2nd screen.”

His development work was funded by Intel and NTT (Japan) and titled TVIQ, At the time, the 2nd screen (mobile device) acted as a touch-sensitive program guide and remote control for the 1st screen (TV), eventually evolving into what it is today. Redford’s other technology credits include all of the original patents for AutoPlay (used in DVDs, Blu-ray players and Microsoft Windows), the personal computer sound card (SoundBlaster), Flash, the LeapPad (most popular toy ever sold), one of the original patents for the graphical user interface (GUI, used in Windows), and all of the original patents for the AirPlay technology (used in Apple TV). Hook up with him on Linkedin.

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