zeebox uses the Swrve Platform to Bring The Social Experience to Watching TV

written by: Richard Kastelein

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Swrve-01Swrve, the leader in relationship marketing for mobile apps, today announced it is working with zeebox, to increase social sharing of content within their second-screen application.

Real-time analytics and A/B testing help optimize user experience and increase social shares by over 500%

Social TV app zeebox is a content network delivering social community, story feeds, and live interactivity to TV fans worldwide. By integrating social media, the web and outside sources, zeebox enables users to engage with friends during — and in between— their favorite television shows.

Utilizing the Swrve platform, zeebox ran an A/B test with three different messages encouraging users to share content from within the app. In the test, zeebox found that a firm call-to-action, asking users to share content, resulted in a 570% increase in user engagement within the app.

"With Swrve, we can thoroughly analyze and test messaging campaigns and different iterations of the user experience, giving us tangible insight into what works best," said Ernesto Schmitt, co-founder and CEO of zeebox. "zeebox is about making TV better through social, mobile experiences. By testing in real-time, we know we're providing the best possible experience."
To date zeebox has enjoyed exponential growth, but continually looks for new ways to encourage users to share content socially and increase organic growth. Swrve enabled zeebox to obtain analytics about their users and enhance user experiences through more personalized interactions.
"Providing app developers like zeebox better ways to interact with customers is the heart of our business," says Hugh Reynolds, CEO of Swrve. "With the Swrve platform, companies can not only quickly change content to most effectively meet customer needs, they can also use A/B testing to pinpoint the most effective customer communication strategies, and use hard data to support actions."
Swrve's platform allowed zeebox to push out the most effective messages to users, driven by real data instead of guesswork. Additionally, the real-time analytics provided by Swrve allowed zeebox to dynamically change and target the user experience without having to re-release the app.

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