Tulix Systems Expanding DVR To Google TV

written by: Richard Kastelein

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tulixlogoTulix Systems, a leading provider of streaming solutions and CDN services, today announced that it will begin offering its proprietary DVR functionality to its customers with Google TV channels in July. The service will allow content owners and distributors to make the last 48 hours of their broadcast available to viewers on demand on any of the platforms that Tulix currently streams to, including web, iOS, Android, and Roku.

Dr. Nino Doijashvili, Tulix System's EVP, talked about the addition of Google TV as a supported device, stating:

"Most companies advertise either their content delivery or their software development. What makes Tulix really unique as a streaming services provider is that we have a top-tier development team in addition to one of the fastest content delivery networks in the world. Our developers work around the clock to improve our services with new features and expand them to new platforms."

Tulix's DVR software automatically stores programming in preset intervals and sorts it by time and date so viewers can watch video and audio content at their convenience. The software also boasts a number of features, including the ability to pause, fast forward, rewind, and skip to the live portion of a broadcast, multi-bit rate support, fully-automated playlist generation, digital rights management, and detailed analytics.


DVR for live streams proved to be a highly popular feature after its release and has been adopted by a large number of customers since Tulix began offering it over a year ago. The company has invested a substantial amount of resources into enhancing the service by adding support for multiple bit rates and other features.

Tulix Systems describes itself as a "complete streaming solutions provider" because it develops apps, channels, and websites for customers in addition to streaming and hosting their content. The company has become a top destination for large channels and content owners in recent years, partly because it offers a fully integrated monetization system to its customers that is compatible with all of its other products, including DVR.

On the topic of what projects lie ahead for Tulix, Dr. Doijashvili stated:

"We are looking to integrate a fully featured DVR into iOS applications in the future. Right now, viewers can watch recorded video through the browser on iOS devices, but we want to make the user experience even better by combining the complete DVR software with our customers' iOS apps. We also plan to further expand the functionality of our content management system on Roku and Google TV."

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